A Sudden Wave of Surging Demand for Video Conferencing Solution

Global Rise in Video Conferencing Apps
Global Rise in Video Conferencing Apps

The sudden episode of COVID-19 has made information technology the most significant piece of our everyday life activities. This flare-up has prompted a phenomenal authorization of lockdown throughout the nation. The technique of Work from Home (WFH), which was till now for the most part equivalent with the IT business has become an indispensable asset acceptable worldwide. Accounting the greater part – a billion web supporters, India is enjoying some real success on its advanced digital front. Along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ program, the nation is utilizing all aspects of the economy by bringing innovation to extensively succeed – reach, flexibility and sustainability.

India Aspires to become a Software Product Nation

Sudden Increase in Remote Jobs
Sudden Increase in Remote Jobs

The workplace for people is rapidly changing, businesses are relying on conference applications to get their work done. A recent survey finds that 48% of business professionals are using video conferencing more frequently than they did two years ago. Therefore, the National Policy on Software Products-2019 is focused on ‘Make in India’ and being developed in the field of imaginative and effective Software Products. This is how the concept of conference meeting applications is consequently encouraging development over the whole range of the ICT sector. 

For each online information-sharing platform and video conferencing applications, security, and protection is the highest need for all Indian corporations and government associations. The Cyber Coordination Center (CCC) of the Ministry of Home Affairs in a warning gave on twelfth April 2020 referenced Zoom conference application as a non-protective platform of handling meetings. This platform is inadequate to accomplish the needs of a reliable and secure conference interface.

The Challenges Faced to Organize a Perfect Sought-After Conference Application

In addition to connecting remote users to offices, video solutions are one source to generate analytics that helps companies to right-size the amount and type of space needed for offices, resulting in further savings. Although, there are many problems faced in a conference meeting platform, like giving people an unauthorized passage in the meeting room, an increasing number of DDOS assaults and security issues.

Primarily, enormous associations with many gathering rooms regularly utilize IT or varying media staff members whose sole occupation is to encourage gatherings — for instance, assisting with interfacing projectors with PCs and finding proper connectors for various presentations. Increasingly consistent arrangements dispense with these undertakings, permitting staff to concentrate on higher-time extends, and so the need to see a solution that doesn’t require a full team came into the picture. 

Also, after the outbreak of zoom unreliable security concerns, a kind of uncertainty towards conference meeting applications has caused people to anticipate a more secure platform that provides proper interoperability, adaptability, and convenience. The need today is of something that matches with increasingly solid arrangements and can help cut down on this inefficient time. 

Gartner Report
Gartner Report

According to the magic quadrant by Gartner client inquiry and reference customers, enterprise buyers for meeting solutions come from, both IT and lines of business (LOBs), both the departments IT buyers weigh the audio/video requirements and content sharing capabilities for enterprise meeting, both the departments have different communication goals and marketing webinars need. Therefore, making efficient use of the internet to deliver quality content has become one of the major works that have been put in place was for the development of video compression technology to be delivered over the internet. 

What for a full-fledged Video Conferencing Application is Needed?

Moving from customary video conferencing to a new day modern conference technique is an answer towards a progressive business. As earlier, video conferencing arrangements used to be unpredictable that required a ton of man support to set it up. They are expensive as well as have extremely restricted expansion offices. Nowadays the arrangements offered are profoundly extensible and offer interoperability with heritage frameworks too.

Video Conference for Work
Video Conference for Work

People will use conferencing for many reasons, first, it will effectively help you work remotely, improve team productivity when in different locations, share documents, or collaborate in real-time. This will cut the time of travel, and help connect more easily with customers, clients, or partners, thereby keeping records safe and sharing meetings effectively. 

Why People Use Video Conferencing?
Why People Use Video Conferencing?

How is the Product ‘BridgeIn’ Created by Tagbin Working around Conference Meetings?

BridgeIn is an integrated workplace web application with flexible conferencing features. It allows unlimited participants in a meeting, a personal meeting room, group chat, and task management, etc. This interface will provide:

• Right to Free Digital Education for All (Freemium Pricing Model) 

• Right to Free E-Care for All (Freemium Pricing Model for Medical Teleconsulting) 

• Revive Event Industry in COVID19 Pandemic. (Limited User Freemium Pricing Model for organizing any online events or shows by Event Industry) 

BridgeIn by Tagbin

This product is helpful for both the Government and Public Sector, Tagbin’s Flagship Product BridgeIn – which means ‘Bridging India’, is expected to bring a remarkable change in the Education, Enterprise, and Health Care sectors. Along with conferences and submits, legal, financial services, gaming, media, and entertainment are likely to grow digitally. It is a solution to the coming future.

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