Integrated Public Transportation Management System a Solution to Rapid Urbanization and Associated Challenges

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A Smart Vision

City slickers’ prolong desire of living an organized urban lifestyle is somewhere botched in a legless transportation management system. A highly disruptive and excruciating discomfort is observed amongst people in improperly planned cities.

Predominantly the unprecedented challenges are; the recurring patterns of rapid migration, increase in the number of vehicles on streets (deteriorating environmental and sustainable health), travel congestion due to bicycles, walking and other variables impairing the local life cycle.

Tagbin - Integrated Public Transportation Management System -  transportation management solution - Congestion a Major Challenge
Congestion a Major Challenge

According to the Accenture NASSCOM report, public transport and security measures lag behind to accomplish the basic expectations of the citizens in urban areas where 31.16% of the Indian population is lumped. Many issues got majorly projected when an acute deficiency got reflected while monitoring the traffic, reading the disordered ticketing & passengers’ settlement, inadequate fleet supervision, lack of parking space, low walkability and many situations which resulted in creating havoc on roads, accidents, rush-hour traffic, unsettling fights, etc.

Government Schemes to Alleviate Urban Transportation Management: 

Tagbin - Integrated Public Transportation Management System -  transportation management solution - A Systematic Environment
A Systematic Environment

Being a building pillar of the society, transportation management called for a reliable solution to allocate peace by setting a standard for the public. Under the ‘Urban Transport Schemes and other initiatives,’ the Government planned to construct 599 highway projects across the country. In fact, to execute a 5-year smart city plan, the budget of Rs.1 trillion has already been estimated. Rs.508 billion are received and Rs.480 billion to be used in developing the first 20 Smart cities.

Walking on the road of becoming smart, an integrated public transportation management system direly is expected to amend all inefficient areas of transportation where a beneficial balance is cried for. Starting from the concept of Make in India, the launch of rapid trains, electric vehicles, and on-loop speed of vehicles to Greenfield projects everything needs to pick up speed.

The country requires a well-thought off system which can access all daily transportation issues of the citizens. Along with smart governance, living environment, mobility, and finance; an integrated command and control center (ICCC) is needed to facilitate a smart transportation system in the country. It will use various resources such as CCTV Surveillance, Public Address System, Emergency call box and Panic button, Public Wi-Fi, Environment sensors and Smart parking and CCMS based LED street lights, etc. to function accordingly.

What Role does ICCC play In Transportation Management? 

An integrated control and command center (ICCC) system works like a human brain to function, take and spread signals to/from various networks built around information gathered from different resources like sensors, signals, cameras, GIS, etc. Under the smart transportation system, ICCC will access information from all desired environmental and resourceful amenities. It will work as a mediator between the users and the department of the ministry. If in case you get stuck in a road accident, you may easily leapfrog the situation by a single tap on your device controlled by ICCC.

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How It Works?

This system will require a built-in interface or a device application that will run on the user cell phones receiving a command from ICCC. The next-generation companies and technology creators by collating modern techniques and environmental resources will link these devices to the command center so that the system of things on roads can be tracked smoothly. 

Creator companies of such an interface will pluck data from each and every nook of the society, which will be further be studied to find a pattern and its interrelation with other networks to offer a real-time solution. This criterion will not only improve citizens’ decision-making processes but will also align their routine in order to make quick decisions in varied jammed situations. 

All the command centers could be of various kinds depending upon their area of functionality; Network command center, business command center, cloud command center, applications command center, facilities command center, and datacenter command center, etc. 

What Does Smart Planning bring to People? 

The government will no longer stand inefficient to manage public transportation needs. In a city administration system, there’s a huge gap of technical possibilities and a weak revenue base that needs to be filled. Therefore, the Government is seeking help from the private companies who can provide/support them with technological, digital and smart solutions. This approach will not only enhance the ratio of employment in India but will open opportunistic learning disciplines.

Tagbin - Integrated Public Transportation Management System -  transportation management solution - Integrated Public Transportation System
Integrated Public Transportation System

The arrival of high-end technology and machine learning is the new change. It will play the role of a king to accomplish the dream of ‘smart living’ for people. Technologically-driven solutions will work on a 360-degree approach, in which problems will be addressed, and according to a situational cycle, answers will be delivered.

Every situation will be looked after and resolved in real-time. People would no longer have to wait in a queue to purchase bus tickets, they can simply book their seats checking their availability and estimated travel time. In fact, the fleet management will be easily synchronized, you can track the bus arriving at your stop and vise-versa, and here GIS will be a great helping asset. You may accordingly be notified to take another suggested route if you jam yourself in the red line traffic. 

Similarly, many snags will find their way out. A peak level of car mobility will reduce, the transport supply will stop exceeding its limit, the commuting trips will increase, and likewise, within less time the shipping system and airlines will also be managed following the same system. 

Tagbin - Integrated Public Transportation Management System -  transportation management solution - A Sustainable Solution
A Sustainable Solution

The Government of India is investing in smart infrastructure, data integration services, and smart solutions on a large scale. It is all about holistic planning, and an optimized framework of resources. Moreover, by planning for a substantial ecosystem a stress-free environment will be created executing relaxed travels, seamless mobility, reduced pollution, and improving the GDP of the country. 

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