ICCC is One Intelligent Answer for Cities to Efficiently Monitor Day to Day Services and Resolve Burgeoning Complexities

In the past few years, an unindustrialized number of people have clustered in urban areas in search of bread, modern lifestyle and growth. This ongoing trend is progressive in a way but also causing certain situations in their day-to-day life. The population size is increasing, pollution rate heightens and overutilization of public resources results in alarming situations like delayed water supply, frequent cut in electricity, road accidents and fire mishaps, etc. 

So to bring balanced management of all such resources, the Government of India In 2015, under the Smart City Mission, set a mission to develop 100 smart cities across the country. They wanted to make these cities citizen-friendly and sustainable. Right now, this scheme is in its very nascent stage of development and seems ever more legitimate in upcoming years. 

Therefore, to leverage technology under the smart city plan, everything requires to be built around a centralized system of resources in one place, that’s when an integrated control and command center ICCC came into the picture. ICCC got designated to tackle both day-to-day and emergency situations (natural calamities) serving the communities. 

For Instance in the phase – 1 of the control and command center project in Vadodara of the government, ICCC came out to be an integral solution of everything interlinking the entire city network – CCTV surveillance, smart traffic management, GIS mapping platform, smart public transport (city bus tracking), solid waste vehicle tracking, environment sensors, emergency call box management, smart parking management, fire-brigade control, etc. It is now contributing to improving public safety, better management of resources, efficient traffic management, better disaster management and faster resolution of public grievances.

ICCC is an Invigilator That Will Bring a Prosperous Change in Our Society

Image Credit: Smart City Mission

Being a combination of various networks generated through internet technology ICCC is destined to serve people with a sustainable and viable lifestyle. The command and control center (CCC) is the central department here where every network is integrated into one through a station of networks for that matter. 

Many companies are as a result building powerful user-interface programs and applications that are linked to these ICCCs to act as one go-to-medium between various government departments (municipal corporations, police stations, hospitals, etc.) and applications-users. Everything is designed to optimize resources and offer an economical and sustainable environment that is more livable.

With the intrusion of ICCC a chunk of our daily life issues is resolved. Where you had to fall for the catfight over the traffic jams or face an emergency of a road accident in the middle of nowhere, tapping on the application you can now send a message across departments like the hospital, police or any other. GIS, vehicle sensors and impeccable data analyzing techniques are important factors to make it possible.

ICCC is a Boon in this Modern World

It’s the most convenient and ever-changing solution developed to enhance the quality of life in our contemporary society. Likewise, it also embraces digital technologies to upgrade service delivery standards and operational efficiency.

For example, a person comes to a city for an important business meeting. And in lieu of spotting the right parking space, they can now use the smart parking management guide on their device which is connected to the GPS and road sensors to get their purpose accomplished in less time without losing on extra fuel. 

Because everything will not happen in the blink of an eye, the Government of India needs to find the right companies that provide the best user-interface services, data analysis, and smart applications useful in the context of ICCC. 

ICCC enables cities to build a city level digital platform to integrate city data from various connected systems – city vehicles, sensors from city roadside infrastructure city buildings, market and analyze the data in a manner that can be easily consumed by the applications & their users. 

Digital platforms serve as a foundation for city administration. Therefore, municipal departments and respective ministries are to establish reliable city operations centers through which the city administrators can be monitored & operate various services intelligently & efficiently.

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