Light Up Your Customer’s Diwali with Our Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas

Diwali, the festival of lights is one of the biggest events in India and this serves as a perfect opportunity for the brands to get creative in order to engage their customers and promote their products or services.

Brands always mark their calendars prior to Diwali’s arrival with an intention to connect with their customers, engage them with creative Diwali ads or campaigns and create a strong brand recall. Riding completely on this big day, brands work on creative marketing campaign ideas with their creative Diwali ads keeping the real essence of the festival alive.

In the last few years, the campaigns have focused on the emotions behind the festival, however, with time, technology has also started playing a lead role in campaigns to help in brainstorming Diwali decoration ideas. Our modern experiential solutions can assist brands and agencies to carry out their creative Diwali ads ultimately approaching their target audience with out-of-the-box ideas.

Since Diwali also leads to increased pollution levels, we feel technology can play a huge role in diverting people from emitting pollution with crackers and focus on the spirit of the festival.

Light Up Your Customer’s Diwali with Our Creative Marketing Campaign Ideas - Tagbin -  Creative Diwali ads -  Diwali Decoration Ideas

Why Brands Should Opt For Creative Marketing Campaigns This Diwali

With such cut-throat competition in the ever-changing market, brands are adopting new ways to allure their target audience and interactive and creative marketing campaigns are like a breath of fresh air.

Such activities allow brands to offer personalisation, they can increase their market share and expand their customer base. Creative marketing campaigns during festivals like Diwali can be further useful for the following reasons:

  • An interactive marketing campaign during Diwali can make your brand reach to a wider audience.
  • Brands can get instant feedback from their customers and it is also easy to monitor customer requirements which ultimately help the brands in improvising on their marketing strategies and products.
  • Brands can put across their message effectively and efficiently.
  • Creative marketing campaign ideas leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Creative Marketing Campaign Idea

 We believe that modern experiential solutions have the power to change the way brands look at marketing campaigns and also have the strength to make a paradigm shift in customer’s choice.

Since Diwali is arriving, we have come up with three brilliant Diwali decoration ideas which can be implemented at your events to mesmerise your audience and offer them something new to experience.

The ultimate objective is to make this Diwali memorable without emitting pollution and bring people together to keep the spirit alive.

Gesture-Based Fireworks

 Diwali is all about excitement and lights in galore and this is exactly what your brand can deliver on the occasion as a part of your creative marketing campaign ideas. It is essential to catch hold of customer’s emotions along with celebrating the festival and keeping in mind the same, we have brainstormed a creative marketing campaign idea known as the GESTURE BASED FIREWORKS.

Gesture Based Fireworks can prove to be a unique way to celebrate Diwali this year. Our modern experiential solution will allow people to cherish the fireworks without emitting any pollution. It is a great engagement tool which will produce colourful and bright fireworks based on people’s gestures.

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This modern experiential solution comprises of a huge digital screen which will produce fireworks on the screen based on how people move in front of the screen. 

In this creative Diwali campaign, visitors can jump while raising their hands in different directions or touch the screens to emit beautiful fireworks. Interestingly, the mesmerising fireworks will be accompanied with synchronised audio with an aim to give a magical experience to the audience.

This experiential solution will be extremely useful when it comes to interacting with your target audience in a unique manner.

Gesture Based Fireworks will prove to be highly successful in venues like big grounds, theme parks, fairs and festivals, malls, weddings and of course Diwali celebrations in open spaces. Industries like entertainment, automobiles, and technology among others can also easily adopt this creative Diwali campaign idea.

Interactive Fireworks

If you want to make this Diwali more special, interactive and magical for your target audience then Interactive Fireworks is the modern experiential solution you need this year.

This creative marketing campaign idea works on the line of providing a wholesome entertainment to the customers along with celebrating Diwali.

Since the festival is all about lights and fireworks, this creative Diwali campaign can do wonders for your Diwali decoration ideas at your event.  Giving a digital twist to this festival will certainly mesmerise your audience.

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The best part about Interactive Fireworks is that customers can choose their own fireworks with the help of a controller and see the magic happening on the big screen. 

After selecting the digital fireworks of their choice, the controller will allow the audience to trigger the fireworks on the screen. The trigger travels through a LED light strips which looks equally stunning leading to a beautiful view in the end. 

Delivering a unique experience to the visitors, Interactive Fireworks will allow your brand to give a memorable experience to your target audience and will also serve as a perfect platform for word-of-mouth promotion.

Modern experiential solutions like these can be highly engaging and especially during the festival of lights. Our creative marketing campaign idea is a perfect creative Diwali ad for your brand.  

This solution can be used in malls, weddings, huge grounds, theme parks, birthday parties, clubs and any occasion involving celebrations.

Interactive Fireworks is apt for the entertainment industry, automobile industry, clothing industry, and any technology-driven industry.

City Lights with Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping is not less than a boon for the world of experiential marketing and employing it with a twist to allure your customers is what we excel in. In order to make a creative marketing campaign idea for your brand, we have come up with a solution which is simple yet attractive.

Our unique Diwali decoration idea is known as City Lights which will take your brand marketing strategies to next level.

Creative Diwali ads - creative diwali campaign ideas - Diwali Decoration Ideas - gesture based fireworks - Tagbin - Experiential Marketing
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City Lights work with projection mapping with an intention to turn huge blank spaces into a bright and a beautiful canvas of colours and lights.  Getting inspired by various light festivals across the world, this modern experiential solution can illuminate buildings in no time and therefore, what better occasion than Diwali to employ this creative solution.

Decorating buildings and walls with lights is not a new thing but the issue is that they remain static and can be quite mundane. City Lights will let your buildings interact with your audience in an interesting manner. You can mesmerise your audience with an array of lights and colours and make your campaign a success.

This experiential solution is highly engaging and therefore Diwali can be the perfect occasion to install this unique experiential solution.

City Lights are apt for malls, historical monuments, old buildings, mansions, and museums and can be employed by architectural industry, the entertainment industry, automobile industry and fashion industry among others.

The Supreme Management

As a part of their creative marketing campaign, brands can install these experiential solutions to make this Diwali more colourful and brighter.

Engaging your target audience during festivals like Diwali can prove to be beneficial for the brands. This is the opportunity when they can take their brand’s value to new heights, re-work on their image, impress their clientele, and expand their horizon in the market.

Our fresh and innovative ideas like the ones we mentioned above can deliver positive customer experience and discover factors that encourage customer involvement.

Organising a creative Diwali campaign with our Diwali decoration ideas will improve brand loyalty and the company’s reputation.

This would be a perfect amalgamation of past traditions and modern technology to celebrate the joyous occasion. 

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