Integrated Public Transportation Management System a Solution to Rapid Urbanization and Associated Challenges

City slickers’ prolong desire of living an organized urban lifestyle is somewhere botched in a legless transportation management system. A highly disruptive and excruciating discomfort is observed amongst people in improperly planned cities. Predominantly the unprecedented challenges are; the recurring patterns of rapid migration, increase in the number of vehicles on streets (deteriorating environmental and […]

ICCC is One Intelligent Answer for Cities to Efficiently Monitor Day to Day Services and Resolve Burgeoning Complexities

In the past few years, an unindustrialized number of people have clustered in urban areas in search of bread, modern lifestyle and growth. This ongoing trend is progressive in a way but also causing certain situations in their day-to-day life. The population size is increasing, pollution rate heightens and overutilization of public resources results in […]

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